Arabian Nights Slot: NetEnt dreams of 1,001 nights in happiness

Everyone knows them, the classics of NetEnt. Mega Fortune (Dreams), Hall of Gods and Arabian Nights have become an integral part of the gaming landscape. What do these games have in common? You can turn a player into a millionaire from one moment to the next. And let’s not kid ourselves, that’s exactly what we want! But is the demand for the jackpot so great that you can cut back on the presentation? We’ll find out for you.

You were a fan of Aladin and the magic lamp as a child? Then you will immediately feel at home at Arabian Nights. Camels, sabres, golden teapots and beautiful mosaic stones are waiting to be shaped by you in the form of a payline. All your efforts should be focused on this goal, then you have a good chance of becoming the next winner at Arabian Nights.

Technical Features

Arabian Nights is a somewhat unusual slot machine. This is especially due to the fixed stake of €5. Want to play with smaller stakes? No chance! You want to play with bigger stakes? No chance! We thought you could negotiate well with Arabs. But nobody told NetEnt that! At least Arabian Night has 10 pay lines to help you win.

If you have recently played the newer slot machines from NetEnt, such as Jimmi Hendrix, you will be very disappointed by the presentation of Arabian Nights. The game looks pretty flat and loveless! Where are the beautiful animations and thrilling effects? Where is the ghost that comes out of the wrong one, or the flying carpet that takes the slot machine to heaven? Come on, development gods of NetEnt, there would have been more possible!

However, Arabian Nights can convince with the charm of the Orient. With the right music we feel well entertained and enjoy the slot machine best with a delicious kebab kebab. If you want, you can also go to the Arabic snack bar, because Arabian Nights can also be played on the smartphone.

Bonuses and winnings

NetEnt is rarely creative when it comes to extras. But on the other hand most NetEnt games convince with an outstanding mass of wild or free games. At Arabian Night it’s the free spins again, so be prepared for a real free spins bonus!

To get the free spins, you must first attract the scatters. In Arabian Nights this is the lamp and so you will be lucky to get three lamps on any position because then the 15 free spins are yours. Yes, we love the fact that we don’t just get 10, we get 15. As I said, NetEnt focuses more on mass than on class in the free spins. Where? The free spins don’t come alone. No, during the free spins an x3 multiplier is active, which makes winnings as big as the longing for 1001 Persian nights possible.

But the big attraction of the game does not come from the free spins, but from the jackpot. And how best to crack it, you may ask yourself. Have you already noticed the symbol of the Arab? This charming gentleman is a game that can take the form of any other symbol to complete a payline. And with five Arabs at a time, the party really starts. Because then you either get the jackpot or €5,000.

We can’t stop dreaming and raving about this jackpot. Some players have already managed to win jackpots of over a million euros! Just imagine what you could do with the money. The best thing to do is to think about it in the 5-star luxury hotel, where you first go on holiday for a month after winning. After that you will surely think of something!