Big Bad Wolf Slot: Quickspin develops a fairytale beautiful game

We visited the big, bad wolf in prison to talk to him about the background of his alleged crime. We would like to point out that this is only the wolf’s point of view, there was no interpretation on our part.

The wolf said: It all started on my grandmother’s birthday. I wanted to bake a delicious cake for her when I suddenly noticed that I was running out of sugar. Then I went to my neighbor, Bernd the pig, to ask him for sugar. But Bern has never really liked me, which is why he refused my request. Unfortunately, I never had to eat and the pig’s wooden house collapsed. When I wanted to rescue Bernd from the ruins of the house, I could only realize with horror that he was already dead. In order not to waste the meat, I decided to eat Bernd. Exactly the same tragedy repeated itself with Bernd’s sister, Hildegard. But now you must know that the house of the third pig in our village is built of stone. Rudolf also did not want to give me sugar and insulted my grandmother, so I got angry and had another sneeze attack, but this time the house did not collapse. The police then came to the conclusion that I was a threat to world peace in general, which is why you had to arrest me now. It is not to be denied nevertheless from the hand that I am innocent!

Technical characteristics

Big Bad Wolf is a beautiful, modern slot machine. Although there are no reels for Quickspins slots, the principle is still the same. Inside the pig house three wooden crates fall on the floor in 5 rows next to each other. If several crates form a winning combination, these crates are removed, crates above them fall down and fill the gaps. New crates are placed where the crates have just fallen down. Due to the beautiful design of the house and the symbols, Big Bad Wolf is a slot machine that you love to see and it doesn’t even need very intrusive effects or anything like that.

This time Quickspin does it a bit differently than usual with the background music. In Big Bad Wolf there is no background music, but only the sound of the boxes coming up on the floor and a breeze that carries the symbols away after a win. This, together with the visual style of the machine, creates a very pleasant atmosphere.

This slot machine is basically a 5 reel, 25 payline slot machine. Bets can range from €0.25 to €100. With the maximum bet, regular winnings of up to €4000 can be achieved, which is quite acceptable. You see thus, despite the somewhat unusual appearance it concerns here a rather usual slot machine, which goes only visually a somewhat different way.

h2>Boni and profits

Although the piglets did not want to give sugar to the bad wolf, you are nevertheless very generous with the player. If you ask nicely and have two winnings in a round, one of the three pig symbols becomes a wild symbol. That’s certainly a nice extra, but is there a normal wild symbol? Yes, of course. It’s a beautiful beehive that can give you a maximum win of 40 times your bet!

Do you love it when the wheels turn or the crates fall to the floor without you having to spend a cent on them? Then the Free Spin Scatter will be just right for you! With three scatter symbols, there are already 10 free spins and a win equal to three times the stake.

To top it off, the big bad wolf comes into play. Admittedly, you’ll have to wait quite a while for him, but if he comes, you should take cover. Because this wolf blows down the whole house where the pigs live. For you as a player this means two free spins and the possibility of a x2 multiplier.