Pollen Party Slot: Microgaming’s busy bees collect honey and cash

Not only since movies like “Bee Movie” there is a bee hype in pop culture. Fortunately, because the little yellow all-rounders are more threatened than ever. The slot machine Pollen Party by Microgaming is about a whole beehive that produces high-quality honey products and worships its queen. Yes, the women wear the trousers of the bees. The queen bee tirelessly produces larvae, which the workers then store in the combs and feed with honey. A new generation of bees hatches from these larvae, which in turn fly out, collect pollen dust, produce honey and feed larvae. Sounds a bit dull, but who doesn’t like honey? We are definitely honey fans, that’s why we took a look at the slot machine. And now we’re really looking forward to a delicious honey roll or grandma’s bee sting!

Technical features

The Microgaming Pollen Party slot has five rollers, all shaped and arranged like combs in a beehive. In fact, the combs form the fabulous number of 720 paylines! That’s where the one or other win might come in. The symbols on the rollers are the inhabitants of the hive or the “products” they make: the queen bee, a bee nurse, a worker, a honeycomb, several combs, honeypot, pollen, royal jelly, the pollen party logo, a bee soldier, the scatter symbol the hornet, a baby bee as a bonus symbol. The stake varies from €0.50 to €250 and can be adjusted. The Autoplay feature can be selected if you don’t feel like collecting your own pollen winnings. You can either set a number or let the reels run until the next stop. The background of the slot machine is honey yellow and the inside of a beehive. Below the buttons you can see a green hilly landscape with the beehives standing on it. The graphics are good and clear, but it works better. The graphics are clearly conceived as in a comic and are above all colourful. The structure of the slot machine is very clear and you can easily find your way around. That the reels look like honeycombs is something different and fresh for the eye.

Who hasn’t yet got a sugar shock from honey should read on.

Bonuses and winnings

Pollen Party has a variety of symbols that give the player better chances or free spins. There are three wild symbols that can appear: the pollen party logo, the wild logo, and the flower. All three can replace all symbols on the reels except the scatter and bonus symbols. The scatter icon here is the hornet. When it appears on reels 3, 4 or 5, it triggers 12 free spins. The symbol also has a very high value. The bonus symbol is a baby bee. It triggers the bonus game when it appears on reels 3, 4 or 5. Free spins and the bonus game cannot be triggered together. In the bonus game you have to choose a honeycomb and win an extra life. It can extend the game in case of doubt.

After the above symbols, the next highest is the queen bee, followed by the soldier and the nurse. Tail lights are honey, royal jelly, and the other bee products.

Pollen Party is a nice pastime. Not a revolutionary game that Microgaming has produced here, but it does convince with nice features and good odds.