Sinbad’s Golden Voyage Slot: Playtech has immeasurable riches

Who doesn’t know them, the stories from 1001 Nights! Playtech listened well to Scheherazade and made a slot machine from one of the stories a>: Sinbad’s Golden Voyage! Scheherazade is the daughter of a grand vizier and marries the king, who takes a new bride every night because of his first wife who cheated on him and has her executed in the morning. But Scheherazade tells him an exciting story until dawn, and the king, who is eager to hear what happens next, postpones the execution. For 1001 nights the Beauty tells one story after the other, whereupon the King grants her mercy.

Sinbad der Seefahrer is one of the characters from 1001 Nights and many stories entwine around him. He goes on seven voyages with his ship and has to fight against a huge bird of prey, big fish and natives. In this slot machine we go on Sinbad’s ship and experience adventures with him!

Technical features

The slot machine Sinbad’s Golden Voyage is colorful and the graphics are very good! Playtech has carefully brought the story of 1001 Nights to life. The background of the reels is a shimmering blue ocean on which Sinbad’s ship sails towards the sunset. The symbols on the five reels all originate from the fairy tale: the giant bird of prey, an anchor, Sinbad’s ship, an Oriental white city, a treasure chest, Sheherazade, a diamond, a drop-shaped ruby, a round sapphire and an angular emerald. Sinbad itself is the wild symbol here that we will return to later. The slot machine is well designed, all game buttons can be seen at a glance. Players who now prefer to indulge in fairy tales from 1001 Nights can click on the Autoplay button. The stake starts with very civilian 0.02€ and can be increased to 100€. Every player has to decide for himself how high his risk is, but we won’t get tired of pointing out that only players who take a certain risk actually end up with high winnings. The chances of winning in Sinbad’s Golden Voyage are really good. There are 164 paylines and the symbol of Sinbad and Scheherazade is highly rated. The symbols with the lowest value are the gems.

bonuses and wins

One of the most important symbols that has not yet been mentioned is the scatter symbol. Here it is a golden, richly decorated disc, probably a shield. The scatter symbol, when it appears on reels 2, 4 and 6, gives the player seven free spins. Sinbad itself is, as mentioned above, the wild symbol in this slot machine. As soon as he appears, he fills out the whole reel to make a better winning combination possible. Generally, the slot machine is not stingy with winnings, the player also gets up to 50 coins for the low symbols, the gems. The treasure chest can pay out 120 coins, the oriental city up to 150 coins. Scheherazade gives players up to 700 coins! We tried the slot machine and were able to win because of the Sinbad Wild icon, and after a short time!

Toll done, Playtech, we love Sinbad!